A Sugary Sweet Halloween

As if Halloween isn’t full of enough high fructose corn syrup, food coloring and divine sweetness already, my five had to go and decide to actually be candy this year! 😉 I set out to create costumes that they could potentially wear at least parts of again, because who sews something for just one specific occasion, theme or event, right? ha! 😉 So guilty!

_DSC0148-2It all started when Reece begged to wear a Reese’s cup costume and it wasn’t long before each of the others had assigned every sibling a candy! Finally they settled on their treats a few months ago and I got right to work. I mean I got right to work on Saturday. A good solid three days before Halloween.  😉 Team two hot glue guns heated and working overtime right up until all my sweets walked out the door and onto their race round the neighborhood!


A Butterfinger inspired oliver + s Field Trip Raglan and roughly painted sandwich board for B.


_DSC0098-3A Candy Corn inspired Pepper dress with modified twirl layers for Laine-love. Simple simple!


A gumball machine inspired Hazel pinafore for MJ! Probably my favorite of the bunch because it was a very fast costume to put together but bold and colorful! Just like my girl! _DSC0503


Teagan is all spice and a good bit sweet, so when she requested a peppermint costume it was an ‘of course’ from me! I wanted her to be comfy so a knit top + peppermint swirly skirt! Painted a few circles in red and white a few hours before trick or treating and wrapped them in plastic wrap! done! _DSC0512_DSC0088

For Reece, I went in about a million directions! So I made her first a knit twirl skirt, then thought she needed a ruffled skirt to capture the look of the frilly wrapper of a Reese’s cup. Then the forecast showed it was going to be colder than planned, so a quick pair of orange leggings and a plain jane issie top (ran out of the leggings orange–bummer!) in french terry to keep her warm!


phew!! {barely} survived another handmade halloween! so worth it but …all the naps, please!




10 thoughts on “A Sugary Sweet Halloween

  1. skirtfixation says:

    These are so darling!!! I love them all. Thanks for linking up to Project Run & Play! You put in so much sewing, I can’t believe you stared 3 days before Halloween!!

  2. mamidesofiona says:

    Finally got around to getting over here to check this out!! I love the peppermint swirl dress. My personal favourite. But my girls and I decided that bubble gum one was pretty amazing too.

  3. I love all of these, especially the Reese’s one!! Your kids are all so cute too! Halloween sewing always seems rushed. I made costumes for four of my siblings and I to attend a costume dance a few days before the event!

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