Small things. Big things.

I glance at it every time I refill a sippy cup and get out an ice pack to temper another boo-boo. DSC_0029Her face and her story don’t need such recurring refreshing in my mind though. I think of Kylie. I think of Ava. I think of Watson. I think of Kate. I think of Cora. all day long. I see their faces and their tired, expectant eyes in the sparkling, shining countenances of my own children. My kids come in from play flushed and red-cheeked, dirty from digging and desperate for a drink from all-afternoon play and make believe. And I see them there. Because their world of hospital stays and uncomfortable beds and IV lines and transfusions is in sharp contrast to our reality. But it could easily be our reality.  Instead of traffic and car pool and pee pee accidents and mountains of laundry, it could be ER visits, CT scans, surgeries, beads of courage. Why is it not our reality? Why is it not ours yet? Why is it theirs? Questions only my God holds the answers to. Questions that send me smiling to my sewing space.

I am one mama. With one little shop. But I want that shop to have heart. and eyes. and hands. To love, to serve, to see needs and meet them.

So the postcard got me thinking. I could buy a boxed dinner on Friday night. Or I could sew. Or, And I could sew. So that’s what happened. And here’s what happened.kylie But what could or will happen?

I hope great things!DSC_0037

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.DSC_0057 In memory of our sweet little friend, Ava, who passed away three years ago a few days shy of her fifth birthday. In celebration of our friend, Watson, who celebrated the end of treatment and heard the words “remission!” In memory of little Cora, who shares a birthday with my Reece and is never far from my mind. In memory of Will, who went home to Jesus last summer. In honor of Kate, who after being in remission twice, heard the words “re-occurance” last week.” In triumph of Madison, who walked then wheeled then crutched through the halls of the school where I used to teach to beat back cancer! In honor of Bailey and Kylie, who share the same school hallways as my children, and who both are fighting cancer today. In honor of children whose days of carefree bubble-blowing and jump roping seem worlds away. In memory of the little lights that flickered and faded so soon from this earth but shine on in our hearts. DSC_0045DSC_0042

Can we do something big? 

Please join me for an auction on Thursday, September 11th–beginning at 9am EST, my hyena cart site will be loaded with one-of-a-kind goodies sewn especially for this event. Bidding will end at 10 pm EST Thursday evening and 100% of every penny raised will go straight to the Smiley for Kylie fund and to CURE!

Another fellow school mom will be joining me for the auction, too!! 533058_477577498924572_546736288_nTracy, of The Sweet Peach Paperie , creates beautiful invitations, note cards and printables! 216798_409873365733710_1322728667_nYou all will love her work Wonders of His Loveand I am honored to have her come along side this cause!!984113_868141303201521_6799774899125186620_n Smiley for Kylie Giveaway

Please spread the word! If you know babies fighting cancer, please post links to their caring bridge pages or fb feeds in comments so we can all lift up these little warriors!

Stay tuned to my facebook page and to my instagram feed for updates and more details as we help paint September gold with awareness and support for childhood cancer!


3 thoughts on “Small things. Big things.

  1. Kristin S says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. You have a heart of gold. Such a wonderfully important cause that’s close to my heart. My sweet little cousin, Joshua…passed away 10 years ago from burkkit’s cancer. Life is so sweet and so short.. May every child… every where… have the chance to play freely in the sunshine, to splash in the rain puddles left behind from the evening storms, to jump, skip, and play on that big park play ground… and may those sweet girl’s battling the awful “c” word find hope and a smile behind a pretty dress with an amazing cause and heart behind it! ❤ Bless you & your giving heart.
    -K. Sawyer

  2. Kathy Hyman says:

    How tragic that you know so many children and families battling this horrid disease. How wonderful that you have a tangible and creative way to help support them, in addition to your prayers and petitions. Bless by your word and deed and giving all glory and honor to our Lord.

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